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Indofil is a manufacturer and supplier of Performance Chemicals being used by a wide variety of small, medium and large industrial manufacturers in India and abroad. The Specialty and Performance Chemicals Division of the company is headquartered in Mumbai, with its manufacturing facilities in Thane, Vashi (Navi Mumbai) and Vapi in Gujarat.

SPCD is represented by 4 verticals viz., Coating & Constructions, Plastics, Textiles and Leather. The division derives the strength from strong brand equity of the products giving it a strategic presence in the Indian subcontinent. Their major products in Textile are GOTS Certified.

Each of the SPCD products caters to niche markets and specific customer requirements. In the present competitive scenario customers perceive the company as
a strong partner. Indofil continues to offer innovative and superior technology products to the market.
Indofil Chemicals
Specialty and Performance Chemicals
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